Last night a patient locked his door from the inside after stealing the key out of the window.

Then he launched the key out of his window.

That was exciting. You know? Searching for a key outside at 3am.

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Finally, a weekend off.

Ohgod, its so hot.

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I can skip A, I guess. Nothing ever happens there anyway.

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Time for checks.

Can we just like stop Candice from watching shows about child birth this close to her due date…

Seeing an 18 year old being arrested for accidently killing his Mom is something I never want to see again.

It’s only made worse by trying to hide his heavily pregnant girlfriend from it and seeing her face when she sees her boyfriend and father of her child in handcuffs and being taken away to jail.

These next few weeks are going to be awkward.

I tried to get Candice to come out for dinner but she pretended to sleep. I think I heard her crying before. I left her food and collected an empty tray later on.

It had been a quiet night so Bailey used the time to read over case files. It was always good to have a better understanding of patients. Some of the things written made her sick, angry or sad.

She closed a file and stood to make more coffee.